Ecce is the newest print-only magazine.

Ecce presents the newest bimonthly magazine around. This holds all that’s not fit to print on the internet; commentary on the current culture, long-dead religious debates, and how to rebuild that which has been lost.

Inspired by magazines from the past like Death to the World and Vice, we bring everything that current Christian publications don’t want to print.

In this issue: the life of St. Francis as checked by fact checkers, how to dress as to get a lady, the first serialization of a story by Brian Patrick Edwards (AKA Cathoholicism), and much, much more.

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Ecce is a new Catholic media company born out of a desire to help foster the renewal of the Church. We’re the home of Ecce magazine, the¬†weekly Goldpilled show, and the famous Apostles’ Creed Yard Sign, retweeted by many a D-List Catholic celebrity.

May God grant us success, Whit and Andy.

To submit music and/or articles for the magazine, email: